Winter may not have completely loosened its icy grip just yet, but longer days and slowly rising temperatures suggest that spring may be just around the corner. While winter dates are fun, after months of being stuck indoors, dates that allow you to enjoy the outdoors are a welcome change. Here are 10 awesome date ideas for the spring.

1. Explore a National Park

National parks are everywhere, and chances are that no matter where you live, you're just a short drive from one. Entrance into national parks is usually either free or a very nominal amount, making it both a fun and inexpensive date.

2. Take Your Meal Outdoors

Picnics, obviously, are a great way to enjoy spring's sunshine and milder temperatures. However, if putting together a picnic feels too intimidating, you can find local restaurants that offer outdoor seating.

3. Ride a Bike

Is there a better way to explore your city than on a bicycle built for two? Rent a tandem bike for the afternoon, plan out your route and have fun.

4. Go for a Walk on the Beach

If you're fortunate enough to live near the water, then you are aware of how crowded the beach will become as soon as summer is in full swing. While the weather may still be to cool to go for a swim, it's perfect for a romantic walk on the beach.

5. Visit a Spring Festival

From eccentric craft and food festivals to live music events, many cities boast an exciting spring schedule. Take advantage of your city's unique culture by planning a date around a local event.

6. Tour a Nearby Town

Spring is a great time to play tourist, and you don't have to go far to do it. Pick a town that you and your date don't often visit, and see what it has to offer. You'll enjoy getting to know your date while browsing shops and dining at a new restaurant.

7. Visit a Local Winery

Some wineries open their doors during the springtime, giving you and your date a great opportunity to test out your wine compatibility, enjoy the weather and sample different wines.

8. Go to a Local Orchard

Many orchards open to the public during the springtime, allowing you to have your pick at the season's freshest produce.

9. Seas the Day

Rent a paddle boat or canoe and set off on the open waters with your date. If you're feeling especially ambitious, pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the water.

10. Take a Swing at Miniature Golf

Incorporate a little bit of friendly competition into your date by taking a swing at miniature golf. You're likely to find a wide range of different courses, from themed to glow-in-the-dark, so take your pick and enjoy.

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