When it comes to the world of internet dating, sport can hold the key to having fun and meeting new people. Through this shared mutual interest, you’ll never find yourself short of activities to do with your romantic interest; whilst the added health benefits you’ll enjoy only enhance its appeal.

For those with a real competitive streak, choosing sport as a dating activity can help you to find that special someone who not only challenges you; but also pushes you on to new levels. A high-energy mentality deserves a lifestyle that pays it back in kind and sport can provide you with the avenue you need to get the blood pumping.

Here at Love2Date, we continue to provide a fantastic platform for dating for fitness lovers. With that in mind, we’ve taken a closer look at 3 sports dating ideas which are sure to tantalise your competitive side, use up your energy and guarantee your enjoyment. Each option is varied and should mean that couples of all interests are able to find something for them.

Long-Distance Running

Ideal for: Couples who need a goal to focus on

For those looking for love, competition and a fitness challenge, long-distance running certainly ticks all the boxes. It gives you endless scope to improve; meaning that you’ll never find yourself short of new targets to set. This is vital for those who have a constant need to get better and the fact that you can also compete in larger events can help to give the exercise a focus.

Marathons, park runs and 10k’s are just some of targets you can work towards; and by running with someone else as a form of dating you can forget about it being a lonely pastime. Train together, compete against each other and push yourselves onto new heights to achieve the satisfaction you crave.


Ideal for: Couples looking for a shorter, high-energy dating idea

The sister-sport of squash, racquetball continues to spark competitive passion across the UK. For competitive daters looking to take up a new sport together, it’s perfect; as it’s fairly easy for beginners to pick up. Once you’ve started, you’re sure to find it extremely addictive; and there will always be ways you’ll find to improve your game.

Playing with a date means that you’ll get to know each other’s game inside out, so the more you play the harder you’ll find it to exploit flaws – great for those in search of a challenge. It’s also worth noting that where squash tends to see rallies killed off more quickly, racquetball uses a bouncier ball. This means that rallies tend to last longer which will help you to use up more of your energy.


Ideal for: Couples who need a challenge to last them a lifetime!

For some, golf may seem like a surprise inclusion on a list that discusses energy expenditure; but once you’ve given it a go you’ll see why it’s here. The combination of carrying your bags and walking in sometimes searing heat can end up being more exhausting than you think; with 18 holes under these constraints said to burn close to 1,000 calories.

The real appeal golf holds for competitive daters though, is that it offers a degree of challenge that you won’t find elsewhere in sport. It’s hard to better your game – even more so if you’re just starting out – so for you and a partner it could provide you with the hours and hours of competitive fuel you need to achieve satisfaction.

UK Sport and Fitness Dating

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