Sports and dating go perfectly together. If you’re looking for new romance, combining the two will give you a great chance when it comes to finding your ideal match. There’s so much choice on offer with regards to the activities that you decide upon, leaving you free to pick the sports best suited to you and your date.

As experts in online dating for sporty singles, we’re well-placed to advise on the matter and have put together a short guide to explain the logic behind what we do.

Loads of Fun and Great for Breaking the Ice

First and foremost, dating should be fun and exciting. Nerves are a natural part of the process, but it’s important to remember not to let them get in the way of you enjoying sharing in the company of other single men and women. This, after all, is the whole point of putting yourself back out there.

By choosing sport as a focus for dating activities, you can do your best to tackle any nervousness that you feel. Working up a sweat with your date can be great for this; both in terms of lowering your inhibitions and taking solace in the fact that you’re both going to end up looking equally messy afterwards.

Even more importantly, sport can be a great way to break the ice in terms of getting to know more about your date’s personality. A bit of competitive fun can instigate the opportunity for you to show your confidence and have some harmless banter together.

A Shared Mutual Interest

When you’re dating another person, it’s important that you’re both equally invested in the time you spend together. If you’ve recently been involved in a serious relationship, it can be easy to forget this; as you may have come accustomed to doing more of what you like while your other half does something entirely different.

In the early stages of you both getting to know each other, take the time to understand exactly what makes your date tick. At the same time, make sure you make clear some of the things that you’re most passionate about too. It’s likely that you’ll find some middle ground together and from this you base dates around the sports best suited to you both.

So Many Sports to Choose From

It’s always nice to mix things up a little - and by choosing sport as the focus for your dates you can do this to great effect. If you’ve more of an interest in endurance sport, then you can go running, swimming or spend time working out together.

Or, if you’d both rather spend the time competing against each other, racquet sports such as tennis, badminton and squash are always great ideas. It’s all about tailoring the activities you do towards what it is that you both want to get out of the time you spend together.

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