The worst thing about dating is that sometimes you break up. Whether your feelings for each other simply start to fade or somebody in the relationship cheats on the other, some romantic relationships end with a break up.

Getting over a break up and getting back to the point where you feel comfortable dating again can be difficult, especially if your lover broke up with you. But just because you are feeling low now, that doesn't mean that feeling will last forever. The following 5 tricks will help you quickly recover from your break up and be ready to re-enter the dating pool.

1. Trust Your Friends

After a break up you are incredibly likely to engage in destructive behaviour, due to raw and sore emotions. This behaviour might be self destructive or destructive to others. Every time you take a destructive action, you reignite the pain you are feeling, prolonging your recovery. The best way to avoid this type of behaviour is to keep a few friends close and let them monitor and veto your actions.

2. Rant

Keeping your actions in check isn't the only way close friends can help you. They are also the perfect people to listen to you rant. A good rant vents all of your emotions in a non-destructive way. After a good rant you will feel like all of the negative energy has left your body. For really bad break ups some of that negative energy may return and you may need to rant a few times, but eventually you will feel sated.

3. Some Cliches Are True

There are lots of cliches about things people do after break ups. Some, like eating 10 gallons of cookie dough ice cream, are harmful. Others, like spending time outside, taking a long hot bath, or pounding on punching bag for an hour are helpful. Looking back at the first piece of advice, your friends can help by vetoing the cliches that are harmful. In general, anything that is classically a good idea for relaxing, and doesn't involve any type of binging, should help you get over your break up faster.

4. Avoid The Memories

As much as humanly possible, you want to avoid contact with the person you broke up with and anything that reminds you of your time dating, at least until you feel that you have gotten over the break up. This means that you shouldn't go to pubs or restaurants where you often had dates, should avoid social gatherings where you might run into each other, and you should block your ex on social media. Also, the last things you want to do is rant in public places about the relationship or get into a discussion (even with yourself) about who is to blame for the break up.

5. Rebound

A rebound relationship is a tricky thing. Because it is a relationship, it reminds you of the last one, which slightly prolongs the pain of the break up. At the same time, once it is over, you will have effectively put a lot of emotional distance between yourself and the previous relationship. Always go into a rebound relationship knowing that it probably wont last, and be honest with your partner, hurting someone else wont make you feel any better.