When you’re dating someone in another city – or even another country – there are ways you can manage the relationship to help make things easier for both of you. By learning to focus on the positives of the situation, long-distance dating can actually end up being the most rewarding way to get to know someone and fall in love.

It pushes you in to a situation where you really get to know what makes a person tick, far more so then when you’re living near each other and the physical side of a relationship can end up dominating things. When you’re forced to do the majority of interaction through phone and video calls; texting and emails; you’ll find you get to know your new partner inside out.

Once this happens, you’ll find yourself feeling even stronger urges to see them in person. When you do, the excitement and anticipation that develops during your time apart can help to provide an extra special spark for your moments together.

Avoid Unhealthy Arguments

For a long-distance relationship to work, it’s best to avoid heated arguments where possible. It’s no secret that a little debate can be healthy from time-to-time, but when it blows out of proportion it’s harder to reign in when you’re apart.

It’s likely that you won’t be able to meet quickly face-to-face to resolve the problem; so just take a deep breath when things are going south and cut your significant other a little slack. Learn to forgive each other’s misgivings.

Accept There Are Some Things You Can’t Control

If you’ve fallen hard for someone online who you live away from, it’s easy to sit and stew endlessly over minor things that arise whilst you’re apart. Harmless situations can end up being completely misread and you’ll always be better off to not assume the worst when they materialise.

A possessive mindset and a constant urge to control exactly what your partner is doing at every waking moment are both sure to spell disaster for any blossoming relationship. If someone has chosen to invest their time in you, at some point you have to trust their actions for it to work.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Own Time

When you become really hung up on another person, it can be easy to forget to enjoy your own time. Rather than obsessing over when the next time is that you get to speak to them – or idly waiting for texts and emails to come through – make fun arrangements for yourself.

Not only will this make the time apart that you have go quicker; it will also ensure that you don’t forget your friends and family as you become gradually involved with another person. It’s all about finding a healthy balance.

Be Happy When They’re Having Fun Without You

Just as it isn’t healthy for you to sit around moping when you aren’t with your other half, the same goes for them and how they spend their time. By encouraging them to enjoy their own life as well as the one they’re creating with you, further positive vibes can be created between you.

They’re likely to be impressed by your maturity; which will help them to feel secure and comfortable in a relationship with you. Showing such affection for someone - that involves them having fun away from you as well as with you - can help to make your bond grow stronger.

Make the Most of the Time You Spend Together

The best part of a long-distance relationship is when you actually get to spend time with each other. It’s always sure to be the highlight of your week or month and you may well find it difficult to keep your hands of each other!

You’re probably likely to also find that initial early date nerves go out the window, because you’ll already have spent countless hours getting to know that person through the contact you’ve had whilst you’ve been apart.

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