Sending a message through an online dating site may be less intimidating than walking up to someone and asking for a date, but that doesn't necessarily take the sting out of a rejection. There are a variety of reasons that your messages may not get a response; some of which you can fix, and others which have nothing to do with your clever prose or dashingly good looks.

If you've sent out a message and you still haven't heard back from her, then take a look at these 5 possible reasons that she hasn't responded.

1. Your Message Got Lost in the Shuffle

Women field far more messages than men, and responding to, or even reading, each one of them may be daunting. Imagine receiving 20 messages a day, all of which say basically the same thing. Maybe for the first few days you'll scour through each one of them, researching every profile and analysing each hobby and interest. However, chances are that after a few days you'll pick a couple of them at random, glance at the senders' profiles and then decide whether or not you want to respond.

If you've messaged a few women and no one has responded, it's entirely possible that yours was not one of the "random" messages any of them decided to read. If that's the case, then you may need to give your messages a little facelift. Be sure that your message stands out by getting creative with the subject line and making sure that you've chosen a good profile picture.

2. She's No Longer an Active Member on the Site

Perhaps she has a current relationship that is going well but they haven't yet made it "official." While she may only be interested in focusing on one person, it's possible that she isn't quite ready to delete her dating profile. Alternately, she may no longer check in on her account but hasn't taken the time to delete it. If you've emailed her a couple of times with no response, then it may be safe to assume that she is not receiving your messages.

3. You Used Poor Grammar

If you're looking for an intelligent woman, there's a decent chance that she'll want the same in a man. Take another look at the messages you've sent. As we've previously discussed, poor grammar can be very off-putting. Before sending your next message, give it a good grammar and spelling check.

4. She's Just Not Interested

Discouraging though it may be, she may not be responding to your message because she just isn't interested. Maybe your profile sounds shallow or your profile picture creeped her out, or maybe you've done everything perfectly, right down to including a photo of yourself cradling a blind, orphaned puppy. For whatever reason, she may simply have decided that she's not interested in pursuing a relationship with you. And that's alright. You're not interested in everyone on the site either. Rather than wallowing in despair, recognise the fact that clearly she's not the one for you and move on.

5. You Need to Explore Other Communities

If you've sent out several messages to no avail, consider joining other dating communities. At Love2Date Singles, you have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of communities, each of which has a very different group of people. Signing up is free, making it easier than ever to find someone who is right for you.