Face it: every relationship reaches the point where the giddiness and mystery of new love wears away. At some point, your heart will no longer skip a beat when your significant other's customized ringtone lights up your phone, and their personality quirks may eventually become a little less endearing. But if your lover is also your best friend, the romance will far outlast the relationship's early days.

Keep reading for 5 reasons why your lover should be your best friend.

Life Is More Fun

From having an automatic companion for that cooking class you've been wanting to try to having someone to explore your city's best sites with, having your lover as your best friend automatically makes life more fun. Even if the class or adventure is less exciting than you were anticipating, you can be confident that the company will be great.

You Can Be Yourself

As fun as it is to get to know someone new, putting up a façade of around-the-clock perfection can get a little exhausting. Even worse is the stress of worrying about the rejection you may face when the façade slips and word gets out that you actually thinks his dog's existence is pointless or her mom smells weird. If your lover is your best friend, the act has long been dropped and you are free to be yourself, opinions and all.

Fights and Disagreements Cause Less Damage

Every couple has occasional fights and disagreements; that's simply a byproduct of a relationship between two people with different ideas, experiences and perspectives. A quarrel with a lover who is also your best friend is a little less earth-shattering, as it is less likely to leave you questioning the entire basis of the relationship. Once you and your partner cool down, you're more able to evaluate why they believe what they believe, without viewing the disagreement as a personal attack.

The Relationship is More Comfortable

Obviously you don't want to be that couple that is too comfortable in the relationship, eventually transitioning into complacency and a lack of passion. But there is an enriching type of comfort that comes with a solid friendship, which allows you and your significant other to share secret dreams, fears and desires. This kind of comfort is necessary for a successful and fulfilling long term relationship, and it only comes from a relationship that is built on friendship.

The Love is Unconditional

If your lover is indeed your best friend, there is a decent chance that you've seen each other at your worst times, and we don't just mean seeing each other before your morning beautification rituals, remarkable though that may be. You've also been with each other through disappointing career developments, the loss of loved ones and a myriad of life's other difficult seasons. A close and enduring friendship with your significant other provides a stability and unconditional love that gives both of you what you need to weather those trying times.

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