Lots of people enjoy the thrill of casual dating and the electricity of a fun evening out with a member of the opposite sex. But how do you know when you’re really ready to settle into a committed relationship? Even if you’re lucky enough to find the man or woman of your dreams, if you’re not “ready” for a relationship, how can you begin to build a solid foundation with someone? If you’re debating whether or not you’re ready for a serious, committed relationship, here are 5 signs that may mean you are!

You’re Ready to Put Someone Else First

A good indication that you’re ready to commit is your willingness to put someone else’s interests ahead of your own. The ability to compromise in a relationship is fundamental, and this may mean making sacrifices to ensure the happiness of your partner. Although some things may seem small, such as refraining from eating garlic if you’re partner just can’t stand it, there may be bigger compromises to be made, such as choosing to live in a different city to be nearer the one you love.

You’re Not Looking for Someone to Complete You

Many people mistakenly believe that they need another person in their life in order to be ‘complete’ or entirely fulfilled. When people look for another person so that they can feel complete, they’ll always be looking for something that they will never find. It’s incredibly important to be comfortable on your own. When you’re just fine all by yourself, it’s actually a good indication that you’re probably ready for a relationship.

You’re Completely Over Your Ex

It goes without saying really, but for you to be ready to get into a committed relationship - you need to be well and truly over your ex. Some people may be able to stay friends with their ex, but in most situations, in order to really move on, we need to separate ourselves from them. Only when you are completely over your ex, and willing to give your full time and attention to someone new, are you fully ready to commit.

You’re Ready to Take a Leap of Faith

There are always going to be some emotional risks involved with getting into a new relationship. Committing to someone, no matter how sure you are, requires a leap of faith. You’ve simply got to trust that the other person is going to look after you heart. Once you are brave enough to put your feelings out there with the chance of getting hurt, you’re ready to take the chance on a relationship and commit yourself to its future.

You Share Core Values with your Partner

Sharing deep core values with a partner is often the most valuable thing you can have in common with each other. Sure, you may both love sports, or have similar tastes in music, but it’s much more important that you share core values that become the foundation of your relationship. For example, if you value generosity and compassion, but your partner is more interested in success and money, you may find yourselves at loggerheads.

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