What's not to love about outdoor dating? Fresh air, the healing outdoor sounds of nature, the cheerful hum of city street, active lifestyle and romance that really moves you. From the most public to the most intimate romantic settings, outdoor dating offers countless pathways to travel that can lead you to a friendship that becomes a romance that lasts a lifetime. We've compiled a list of 5 simple outdoor dating ideas that are certain to lead to a fun, active and memorable date for both of you! For more great outdoor dating tips, visit our site today.

1. " If music is the food of love, play on." Pack a picnic basket and head to a local park, if there is music or theatre in the park, even better! There's just something ultra-romantic about packing the perfect picnic basket, finding the ideal picnic spot and spreading that picnic blanket with a luxe feast. The wicker basket and checkered table cloth simply do not go out of style! Remembering to pack elegant glasses, and having a simple wine and cheese lunch in a great location is a fine outdoor activity. You can also look for outdoor tables and turn your table into an enchanted space by setting your table cloth, and packing a candle and holder in your picnic basket. Add a rose and a vase to that basket and you are sure to be arranging another date!

2. Play an outdoor sport together. There are so many options for fun dates that include playing a game together. Consider a tennis match; a round of golf, or minigolf; lawn bowling; outdoor ice skating; skiing; snowshoeing or swimming. Some parks offer giant chess games as a free park activity and these are just tremendous fun! Many extreme sports companies offer adrenaline filled couples packages for activities like ziplining, mountain climbing and hot air ballooning. Bring your cameras! Check your local papers for sports options that you might need to book ahead of time, and make the required reservations. Then circle that sports date on your calender as a day of active fun to look forward to!

3. Spend a beautiful day at the beach. Whether lakeside or seaside, rugged coastline or a sandy haven, beach fun brings out the very best cheer in everyone! Pack a beachbag, bring your umbrella and any beach sport equipment that you prefer. The beach offers quiet time to relax, a great opportunity for active water sports, and one of the finest places to share a meal.

4. If you are near to a lake, a scenic boat tour is a lovely option for an outdoor date. Boat tours offer unique views, even of landscapes that we feel we are familiar with. Some boat tours specialise in showing species habitats, like those of specific birds or marine creatures, and offer phenomenal learning about plants and animals as part of their educational tour. Other boat tours offer a relaxing cruise that might include a light lunch, or an evening meal cruising under the stars.

5. Visit a local historic landmark, or a botanical garden. Too often we forget those most important historical landmarks, historic buildings and notable gardens that are right in the area where we live. A quick look at a map can remind us of where those local places are and a visit to them makes a brilliant activity for outdoor dating. We learn so much about ourselves and where we come from by revisiting those historic places. And revisiting them with a great person just might be an activity that leads to a lifetime of romantic happiness!