First dates can be very exciting, but are often quite nerve-wracking. It’s always a little awkward meeting someone face to face that you’ve perhaps only spoken to through an online dating site or don’t know very well. Most will settle for making a good first impression on a first date, but if you’re looking to well and truly win your date over, here are a few tips that will work a treat!

Be Chivalrous

Being chivalrous is a great way to make a good first impression. Make sure you open doors for her, pull out her chair, and let her order first if you’re in a restaurant. These little things can have a big effect on a woman; she’ll know you’re paying attention to her and that you care about her experience. Everyone loves a gentleman!

Pay Her Compliments

If your date looks nice, tell her so! It’s likely that she made an effort to look good for your date, so pay her a compliment or two. A word of warning though – avoid a never ending list of phrases or you’ll overwhelm her, and steer clear of anything that sounds too sexual.

Be Genuinely Interested in Her Life

Who doesn’t love chatting to someone is who is genuinely interested in what you’ve got to say? We’re not suggesting that you fill the date with an endless stream of questions, but taking a real interest in your date, her life, interests etc. will not only help you to get to know her better, it will make her feel special too.

Pick Up the Bill

Even if she offers to pay or go halves, insist on paying for the date. That doesn’t mean that further down the line you can’t split it, but for now, pick up the check. Instead of discussing money leave your card with your waiter, or pay discreetly while she nips to the toilet. Simply let her know that you’ve taken care of it and it’s your treat.

Dress Well

Obviously this depends on the location of your date, but as a rule, dress to impress. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie if you’re going to a local café, for example, but do make sure you are well groomed, and wearing clean, smart clothes. First impressions last, so you want to make the right one from the word go.

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