Whether you're new to the dating game or you've been dating around for a while, the occasional bad date is inevitable. An unsuccessful date can be discouraging, and you may feel that a night at home is preferable over risking another awkward evening with a stranger.

A change in perspective may be all you need to summon the courage to take another chance, so before you give up and declare yourself eternally single, consider these ways to stay positive after a bad date.

Look for the Lesson

After you've given yourself ample time to feel the disappointment of a date gone wrong, look for the lesson in the experience. What made the date a "bad date?" Was the conversation awkward? Did your date behave poorly? Was there simply a lack of chemistry?

While you may not come away from every bad date with a life-changing revelation, you can look at each experience as an opportunity to improve your dating skills.

Evaluate Your Expectations

Many dates have gone awry because of unrealistic expectations. Maybe the thrill-seeking athlete that you thought you were meeting was a little more rotund than you were expecting, or the insightful intellectual with whom you'd been conversing online suddenly couldn't string together enough words to form a proper sentence.

Perhaps your date grossly misrepresented themselves on their online profile, or maybe you unintentionally built them up in your mind to be your ideal match. Either way, it's important to remember that until you've met someone in person and you've seen them in a variety of different situations, you really can't know who they are.

Before your next date, remind yourself that although you've been conversing with this individual online or via text messages for a while, you don't truly know them. That way, if the first date doesn't lead to a second date, you won't be so disappointed.

Take a Break

If you find yourself having one bad date after another, it may be time to take a little break. Bad dates can be disheartening, and it's important to get back to a positive state of mind. Take a week or two to let go of your frustration and focus on activities that bring fulfilment and satisfaction. When you set up your next dating opportunity, you'll be able to do so without a cloud of dread and discouragement hanging over you.

Change Things Up

Are you tired of stilted conversation over dinner? First dates may be notoriously awkward, but selecting an activity that you and your date will enjoy regardless of whether you connect will make for a more pleasant experience. Go on a guided tour, attend a pottery class or visit your favourite museum. Whatever activity you choose, make sure that it allows you the opportunity to get to know your date.

Branch Out

Perhaps you've found a couple dating communities in which you feel comfortable. While it's easy to exclusively date those who share your passion for extreme sports, your occupation or your ethnicity, you may be missing out on your best match.

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