Cold weather, overcast skies, and icy roads combine to make winter a tough time of year for dating. Plenty of outdoor activities that make absolutely perfect dates are simply impossible in the winter and the need for multiple heavy coats, boots, hats, and multiple layers can make it hard to dress up even for indoor dates.

No matter, though. When you are in a relationship that is worth a little effort, you can deal with any adversity. Rather than trudge your way through another cold winter, here are a handful of date ideas that will help you beat the winter blues and have an amazing time with your loved one.

Embrace the Winter

Instead of trying to find a way to get around the cold weather, snow, and ice, embrace all of that and make it a part of your date. A ski trip is an ideal and classic way to spend a weekend with your significant other. Days spent flying down a mountain blend perfectly with nights spent in front of the warm fire of a lodge drinking wine and cuddling.

If you don't have a full weekend or you aren't that intimate yet, you could simply spend the day going sledding at a nearby park, skating at a local ice rink, or even going ice fishing if you both love the outdoors.

Football in February

If you and your mate are both sports fans, you probably consider the winter months to be incredibly dull. The cold and snow means that there is no football, rugby, or cricket to watch. Of course, there is this thing called the internet which can solve that problem. You can rent or purchase thousands of classic matches and watch them whenever you want. Combine a few classic games with some beer and chips and you have the perfect sports lover date even in the middle of winter.

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Count the Days

One great way to make winter a little more bearable is to make every single day of it a little more pleasant. Create the equivalent of an advent calendar that counts down the days to the start of March, or March 22nd if you want to be precise about it. On each day, do something small but romantic for your significant other. You could give them a single flower, a dozen kisses, clean their bathroom, or just make them breakfast in bread. Each day will be another small surprise. It is like 50 mini dates that will make his or her winter very happy.

Leave the Country

Do you know what Australia doesn't have in January and February? It doesn't have winter. In fact, it has summer during those months, just like most of Africa, South America, and parts of India. If you have the vacation time saved up, the money to spend, and your relationship has reached the level where a one or two week vacation together is possible, simply leave the country for a warmer climate. A few weeks in the sun, swimming in warm waters, and exploring another country will make you completely forget about the cold up north.

On a similar note, if you also want a vacation from handling your itinerary, you could go on a cruise, most of which head south to warmer climates, which is equally effective at hiding you from the cold for a few weeks.