Some of you must previously have been through your fair share of dating blunders and minor disasters, whether dating online or offline. If you are single, it’s easy to be disappointed after a few bad dates.

But don’t worry, there are others just like you who have been through the same disappointing scenarios whilst trying out gay dating sites and remember, it only takes one good date to make you forget all the previous failed love attempts.

However if you have finally found a guy who seems just right, you might run into few dilemmas that could cause a break up, especially if you’re unsure about what exactly you’re looking for. Here are some pitfalls of gay dating and a few ways to avoid them.

Income brackets

When one partner has a higher income than another, it creates a power struggle that can leave the lower earner feeling awkward or inadequate. When you’re both going to a restaurant and one of you feels you can’t afford a delicious costly meal, or you can’t visit a particular destination as it’s out of reach of your own wallet, you may feel embarrassed. To put an end to all this, strike a balance in your budget. This is the best tip for dating in a situation like this. If you think you’re meant to be together then it’s worth the effort. Do things where both can equally contribute. If one of you treats both guys to a fancy dinner on Tuesday, it’s way more fun if the other swings by for lunch at home on Friday. This will make the whole thing much less of an issue for both of you.

One is a homebody and other is a party animal

It’s no fun when the quieter guy sits in the corner becoming an object of sympathy. The law of ‘opposites attract’ has often been proved to be true, but comes with a few difficulties during implementation. When a home-loving guy falls in love with a party animal, the struggle can become quite difficult. In this situation, both need to feel comfortable and work hard to share a similar attitude towards life. A good piece of relationship advice would be for both to move out of their comfort zones - the reserved guy should try going out for drinks with his partner and the party lover ought to have a go at getting cozy in bed now and again and maybe try quietly reading a magazine.

Get along with his friends

During a successful online dating relationship, you could get disconnected from your friends because the maximum amount of time is devoted towards your loved one. It might not be an issue in the beginning but may haunt you later. Rather than spending all your time solely on your partner, introduce yourselves to each other’s friends and get involved in conversations and discussions with them. Stay friendly and be kind to them but don’t show too much interest as that can make your partner possessive. They must have special qualities that make them your partner’s friends so never disrespect them. Things can become serious when friends’ opinions come into play. Sometimes, refining boundaries between your partner and his friends becomes necessary. No matter what, put your best foot forward and give the maximum time to your partner. Why not make him feel special by planning cute date ideas, just the two of you? If you find that his friends are bitching about you both, remember that your relationship is more important and rise above it.

gay couple hugging

Your communication style is different

Whether it is due to age difference or some other reason, having a communication gap between the two of you can cause unwanted turmoil in a relationship. If you love texting and he loves a phone conversation, you can easily mistake one another’s preferences as a sign of neglect. But like any language, with a little bit of effort it’s easy to understand what the other person is trying to convey. Express your feelings non-verbally and let him know how you feel about him by throwing random surprises and setting up romantic date ideas. And if the two of you are a perfect match, picking up the phone instead of sending a text is a great way to keep him smiling.

Tell him how you feel

He is the one you love so don’t hide even the smallest of things, you never know when small things can turn into big issues. If you want him to be sweet, you should be kind and plan fantastic date ideas. If you want him to pamper you with gifts and surprises, you need to set an example and do the same….first! Never take him for granted. Finding singles who are on the same page should allow you to live together, grow together and understand each other’s feelings in a better way. Do let him know your expectations but never force him to fulfill them immediately.

Open up in a genuine way

Be realistic when expecting something from your partner. Someone who looks forward to a date and spends quality time with you, and doesn’t just sleep with you should definitely be appreciated – he sounds like a keeper! This helps weed out guys who just want to spend a night or two with you and are real quick in disappearing when they observe your seriousness towards them. Open up about the physical side of your relationship too, don’t let things fester. Open communication is vital in every relationship. For a true bond, opt for the sorts of initial dates where you spend less and enjoy more. Good luck!