Online dating has a ton of benefits. It allows you to connect with people that you wouldn't otherwise meet, and you have the opportunity to narrow your dating field to those with whom you're more likely to be compatible.

The potential downside? It feels like your hotness factor matters a lot. While the way that you look is probably always at the forefront of your mind when you're meeting someone new, you may feel like you have a little more leeway if you're talking to them face-to-face. After all, they may be willing to overlook your one weird tooth or your remarkably long nose if you can make them laugh. When you're meeting someone through online dating, you may worry that you're more likely to be ranked according to your level of hotness rather than your ability to hold your own in a philosophical debate.

Fortunately, making yourself more attractive online and in person is surprisingly simple; no weird diet tricks, 18-minute planks or hair implants required. It all comes down to one thing: confidence. Keep reading to learn how to think yourself hotter.

Remember that the Mirror Only Tells Half the Story

When we look into the mirror, we only see a reflection of our physical features. Whether you focus on your imperfections or you're evaluating yourself through rose-colored glasses, you're only seeing a portion of what others will find attractive. The mirror isn't going to reflect your sense of humor, your charming way of turning a phrase or your unique mannerisms. We won't lie; your appearance obviously matters, but it's only a part of what attracts others to you.

Be Positive

Which person would you be more attracted to: someone with beautifully symmetrical features, a Pinterest-worthy physique and a sullen expression, or someone with a few imperfections who is obviously enjoying the moment? Who would you rather spend the afternoon with?

Your mom was right; a positive attitude is always attractive. Obviously, being startlingly good-looking will never put you at a disadvantage, but a negative attitude absolutely will.

Be Real About What's Fake

What's keeping you from feeling good about yourself? Do you compare yourself to others, only to find that you fall painfully short of what is considered to be "hot?" While this is traditionally considered a woman's problem, more and more men are admitting that this struggle is also their own. Everywhere we look, we're bombarded with carefully cropped, airbrushed and photoshopped images of perfection. If that's the standard we're to measure up to, it's no wonder that we can so acutely feel our own inadequacy.

The solution? Opt out. It's really that simple. Turn off the television, put down the celebrity magazine and focus on what makes you uniquely attractive.

Know Your Best Assets

Think back to a time when you felt especially hot. Was it your beautifully tanned and toned legs, your bright smile or your trendy outfit that garnered attention, or was it that you knew you looked good that caught everyone's eyes? Know your best assets, and flaunt them with confidence.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself will not only make you look better, but it will give you a renewed sense of self respect. While spending hours preening in front of a mirror isn't necessary or healthy, taking a few extra minutes on yourself is a great reminder of your own value. If you value yourself, others are more likely to value you too.

Find Photos of Yourself that You Like

Even if you're someone that hates being photographed, surely you've come across a few photos of yourself that you actually like. By looking at pictures of yourself, you can focus on the best aspects of your appearance and feel better about yourself. Think of it as a little pep talk before your next big date.

Don't Be Afraid to See the Beauty in Others

If you have a rigid standard of what you find beautiful, then it's time to adapt a more open mind. The next time you have a couple hours of freedom, find yourself a park bench in a busy place. Every time someone walks by, find something attractive about them. Maybe he's a little paunchy around the middle, but he has a kind and contagious smile. Maybe her eyes are too close together for her to be considered conventionally attractive, but she has the grace of a dancer. By looking for the beauty in others, you can expand your definition of what it means to be attractive and appreciate your own assets.

By giving yourself a confidence boost, you can instantly make yourself hotter. If you're ready to put your newfound confidence to good use, then it's time to sign up for your free profile with Love2Date Singles. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other local singles and find those who share your lifestyle, values and interests.