Cricket has 47 different rules. There are 286 Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. There isn't really a rule book for dating, but if there were, it would probably put both of those to shame.

There are literally thousands of unspoken or assumed rules for dating. There are rules dictating what you should wear on a date, what you should do, what you should drink, who should pay, when you should call someone, when you should enjoy a first kiss, etc. These rules are supposed to exist to ensure that your dates go well. However, all too often they just make dates more stressful.

Sometimes you just want to ignore the rules and go for broke. Give it a whirl with the following rules.

Wait Three Days to Call After the First Date

Whoever invented this rule must have been a sadist. If your date went well, why would you possibly want to wait three dates to call the bloke or lady? You had fun. You feel a deliciously pleasant tingle run through your body whenever you think of him or her. You want to call and hopefully your date wants that call just as much.

Forget the wait and make the call. Did you just turn the corner and lose sight of your date 5 seconds ago? Perfect! Make that call right now and tell them exactly how much fun you had and how much you are looking forward to the next date. It might be too forward, but it might very well confirm that spark you both felt and help put you on the road towards a long term relationship.

Don't Discuss Religion or Politics

There is a general rule that you should avoid heavy topics, particularly religion and politics, for the first few dates. The idea is that these are topics you are most likely to seriously disagree with someone on and you don't want that to ruin your relationship. Makes sense, right?

Actually, that logic is kinda screwy. At some point you will have those conversations and if you are going to disagree so badly that it ruins your relationship, no amount of previous time together is likely to save that. On the other hand, these are wonderful intellectual topics that can really help you get to know someone. And, lets be honest, if religion is really important to one or both of you, it is important to know the situation sooner rather than later. So, go ahead and open Pandora's Box. If you are lucky, you can grasp hold of hope and wrestle it back in before it escapes.

Wait to Have Sex

Speaking of waiting, traditional rules say that you should wait to engage in physical behaviour. The numbers vary, but the general rules are something like the 2nd date for kissing, the 5th date for messing around and the 10th date for sex (or until after married depending on your moral framework).

Toss out those old fuddy duddy rules and simply go with the flow. If it feels right, lock lips before appetiser shows up for dinner. Heck, if it really feels right, skip dessert and run to the car. Following a schedule for intimacy that is made by some third party will never be as healthy as simply doing what feels right based on how your relationship is progressing.

Never Talk About Past Relationships

Past relationships are an awkward topic, especially if the other person happens to know your past partner. The best way to avoid this awkwardness is to simply avoid the topic altogether.

It is a reasonable idea in theory, but can be absolutely awful in practice. First, it's likely you and your partner still have shared relationships. In fact, you may still have a relationship together, albeit one not based around romance. If that is the case, eventually your new partner will meet your old partner.

However, that is the lesser reason not to avoid discussing old flames. The more important reason is that those people literally shaped your life. You have a better understanding of what you are and are not looking for in a relationship, specifically because of your past dating. If you aren't willing to be open about both your successes and failures in past relationships, you are unlikely to enjoy the former again and likely to repeat the latter.