Some of the most memorable moments in life are shared in the great outdoors, watching the sun set, relying on one another for moral support, encouraging each other to reach that walking or cycling finish line, finding shelter, keeping each other warm or simply enjoying the tranquillity and unspoilt beauty of Mother Nature's creations.

Any true romantic will concede that the best things in life are free, as much as others may blatantly deny it, and with good reason. Naysayers find all the arguments they need in our money-driven contemporary society. But there is more to life than meets the eye and the workings of love and romance are aspects which can't be reduced to price tags. Ladies can still be swept off their feet under a star-spangled sky and men can still fall prey to a woman's charms with a passing glance behind a lit candle.

Below are a few examples of time-honoured nooks and walks that awaken the romantics within. Even if these are not near to you, hopefully they will inspire you to find a similar activity you can go on.

1. City walking tour

It may not be the most glamorous date yet, but it could be a conversation starter. Book a Bath walking tour and spend around two hours in the company of your date, before moving on to a romantic lunch or dinner together.

Tour of Bath

2. A walk in the woods

Any of the Woodland Trust's more than 1,000 woods should keep you and your chosen date entertained for a few hours. Grab your camera and take a few snaps of the wildlife. If you're passionate about nature, you could even volunteer to help protect your favourite wood together.

Find a wood near you

3. Visit Maiden Castle in Dorset

This Iron Age hill fort lies in Dorchester on an area the size of 50 football pitches.

Maiden Castle

4. Baconsthorpe Castle, Norfolk

The castle ruins and fortified manor of Baconsthorpe has known better days, as well as worse. It survived the Wars of the Roses only to be abandoned after centuries of renovation attempts.

Baconsthorpe Castle

5. Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

This open-air sculpture gallery in Yorkshire is set on an 18th century estate, with panoramic views of lakes, valleys, bridges, ornate buildings, an underground display area, and all-new exhibits throughout the year.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

6. Wild camping in Scotland

In Scotland, home is where you lay your hat, or pitch your tent, whichever is more appropriate. While reaching the Isle of Harris for a few nights of camping on Horgabost beach may be a bit of a chore, camping is free of charge and an absolutely unforgettable experience. If you have the time, drop by Ulladale Cave and wave to the curious stags you'll find along the way, as you climb the cliff.

Camping in Scotland

7. A walk in the park

If you are in London, then how about Richmond Park. It is the home of herds of red and fallow deer. If you drop by in the summer, you may spot some of their young hidden in the long grass.

Royal Parks

8. Dolphin spotting in Moray Firth

Fun-loving, mischievous dolphins galore are waiting to give you an endless supply of video footage as they prance about, jump and chase their fish in Chanonry Point, Inverness, Scotland. Walk with your date along the narrow shingle beach and admire these dancing beauties from behind a lighthouse. What could be more awe-inspiring?

Dolphin Spotting

9. Playing the vigilante in Sherwood Forest Country Park

If you're up for a bit of a hike in Sherwood Forest Country Park, your efforts could be rewarded with a peak inside the hollow trunk of the Major Oak, Robin Hood's legendary hide-out. Dubbed 'Britain's favourite tree', the Major Oak is sure to shelter you and your sweetheart in its trunk, which measures 10m in circumference.

Sherwood Forest

10. Cycling in Coed-y-Brenin

Granted, not the optimum first date destination, Coed-y-Brenin is a forest in Snowdonia, Wales where hiking paths and mountain bike trails are accessible to all, free of charge. Especially romantic is the valley of the River Eden, especially if you happen to find one of the many freshwater pearl mussels taking shelter in its crystal clear but turbulent waters.

Mountain Biking

Hopefully, the list above has inspired you to think about dates in the outdoors and you'll find similar activities near to where you and your date live. If you have not found that special someone yet and you love the great outdoors, then why not try our sister site Love2Date the Great Outdoors.