Polish women are amazing. This is a simple fact. If you are dating a polish woman, you probably realised that within minutes of meeting her. Assuming you are smart, you want to do whatever you can to keep her as your girlfriend. For most Polish women, that means understanding her culture and expectations.

Every person is different and you never want to stereotype your girlfriend, but if you are dating a Polish woman, odds are that she will exhibit certain traits and have certain expectations about your behavior. The following ten tips will help you keep from making mistakes in your relationship.

1. Chivalry is Not a Lost Art

Polish women tend to expect traditional forms of chivalry, including things like men holding doors, waiting to sit until she is seated, and offering an arm while walking. However, make sure to give her personal space while being chivalrous.

2. Kissing Hands

Most Polish women will find it uncomfortable if you attempt to kiss her on a first date anywhere except on the back of her hand. She will likely find that gallant. This is also the appropriate response if you meet any of her female friends or family.

3. Flowers

If you plan to date a Polish woman for any length of time, get used to buying flowers. You don't need to break the bank, but you should generally bring at least a single flower to every date. Also, if you are invited to her home or her parent's home, definitely bring flowers as a gift.

4. Never Ask to Split a Check

Splitting a check is bad form in Polish culture, though that doesn't necessarily mean that you are on the hook for every outing. The rule of thumb is that the person who asks the other out is expected to pay. She likely won't ask you out as often as you ask her out, but she will occasionally.

5. She is Highly Educated

Polish culture stresses equal education for both sexes and highly values academic achievement. Your lady is probably better educated than you are and will enjoy in-depth conversations about deep topics.

6. She is Also Well Rounded

Polish education also stresses arts and sports, which means your girlfriend probably is incredibly skilled in music or art of some type and is likely very athletic. This means she wants more than just dinner and a movie. Go skiing or bike riding or visit a museum to impress your girlfriend.

7. Check Your Ego

This piece of advice is related to the last two. If you are insecure about her being better than you at some things (probably many things), the relationship won't last. Additionally, while she is interested in you accomplishments, don't brag or act like you are in a competition with her.

8. You Are a Pillow

While Polish women usually want their space, once you have a nice strong relationship, she will likely show her comfort level with you by laying or leaning on you. Enjoy the experience. It means she trusts you.

9. Be Patient About Sex

The vast majority of Polish women are raised Catholic. Odds are that your girlfriend is waiting until marriage to have sex and even if she isn't, it will probably be some time before you get that intimate. Do not push.

10. She Knows How to Eat

Whether she is built like a rail or has a little extra meat on her, she almost certainly eats like her stomach has no bottom. Expect to share your food. If you really want to impress your girlfriend, cook her a nice meal every once in a while.

If you've already found your perfect Polish girlfriend, use these tips to keep her forever. If you haven't found her yet, Love2Date Polish has hundreds of Polish women looking for a man just like you.