Romance: in spite of what pop culture would have you believe, it's not just for the young. In fact, you might even discover that your strongest, most rewarding relationship comes later in life.

Need proof? Here are 5 things that are great about dating over age 50.

1. You Have Money

It's true that you don't need a big bank account to enjoy a fun date, but chances are that every once in a while, you're going to want to do something that costs some money. By midlife, you've had a chance to establish your career, you've learned a thing or two about creating a budget that works for you and the financial issues that plagued you in your younger years are resolved. Need some ideas for a great date? Check out these!

2. Your Relationship Doesn't Define You

Young love is wonderful, but you know what's not wonderful? Getting caught up in a relationship before you actually know who you are, what you want and what you need. A younger person who is still forming their personal opinions, values and goals may actually have their personal development hindered once they're part of a romantic relationship. Their focus becomes the relationship, and their partner's viewpoints can quickly become their own.

Just as you've established yourself financially by the time you reach your 50's, you've also probably established your identity. You're far less likely to lose yourself in a relationship, and you have more to contribute to your partner's life.

3. You Are More Secure

You've had a few decades to not only get comfortable in your own skin, but to actually like your own skin. You know your strengths, you know your flaws and you've gained enough wisdom to know that not all imperfections actually matter. This allows you to go into a relationship without having to worry about going out of your way to impress your partner. They either like you or they don't; and if they don't, you don't mind moving on.

4. Less Is at Stake

For a younger person with the goal of marriage and children, a relationship is important. In fact, it may feel like the most important thing in their life. And for a 25-year-old who is looking for marriage and a family, those feelings are legitimate. If the relationship comes to an end, the people in it aren't just losing a romance, they're losing a piece of their future.

Dating in your 50's, though? Break-ups aren't necessarily less painful, but they're generally far less traumatic. At the very least, you're able to take a step back and acknowledge that you've made it through a lot of life without that person, and you're probably going to be just fine going forward.

5. You Have More Experience

How many young relationships fail because partners don't know how to communicate, how to give and take and how to recover after going through a rough patch? By your 50's, you've probably experienced both successful relationships and flawed relationships. The experience that you've gained enables you to build and enjoy more stable, functional relationships.

Overcoming the Main Challenge of Dating After 50

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons why dating in your 50's is great, but there is one drawback: it can be more difficult to find a partner. When you were younger, you had a much easier time finding unattached men or women who were also looking for a relationship. You probably had no problem meeting people on your own, and if you became truly desperate, you likely had friends that were ready to set you up with someone that they thought you'd enjoy getting to know. In your 50's, it's harder to find people who are at the same phase of life that you are. Most of your friends and acquaintances are probably in a long term relationship. Your pool of prospective partners is quite a bit smaller.

To a certain degree, the same strategies that worked when you were 25 will work when you're 65. Enjoying social hobbies, participating in community events and asking friends or relatives toset you up on a blind date may still help you connect with other mature singles. However, it probably won't take long to exhaust your options. Fortunately, this is where online dating comes in. By joining our lifestyle group that is specifically designed for people over 50, you can connect with other mature daters near you that you may not have otherwise met. Signing up is free and easy, so create your profile today to get started.