Maybe you have a history of less-than-healthy relationships, or maybe you simply haven't felt compelled to seek out companionship. For whatever reason, you just don't feel the urge to start dating.

If that's the case, now may be the perfect time to begin populating your social calendar. Keep reading for five reason why you should start dating when you least feel like it.

You Know that You're Already Complete

Sometimes it feels like the culture undervalues being single. If you're not in a relationship with someone, everyone assumes that you want to be. Maybe they're right or maybe they're not; the point is that there seems to be an underlying assumption that you're just not complete without another person. We may even refer to our significant other as our "other half."

However, as someone who isn't feeling especially motivated to seek out a relationship, you've probably discovered that this is just not the case. By now, you've hopefully learned that as wonderful as a healthy relationship can be, singledom is pretty great too. As a single person, you've had the opportunity to strive toward personal growth. You're able to go into a relationship without wondering how your partner is going to make up for what you feel that you lack.

You'll Have More Fun

Eventually your indifference may wear thin and you may feel more ready to enter into a relationship. In the meantime, your lack of urgency for romance may free you up to have more fun on your dates. If you're not hoping for fireworks every time you go out with someone new, you'll feel far more relaxed and able to open yourself up to new experiences.

You're Less Likely to Give Off that "Desperate" Vibe

You know the type. The person who is hoping that somebody, anybody, will love them. Maybe you've dated a few of those people, or maybe you have been that person. The irony is that feeling desperate will sabotage your happiness. Potential partners sense it, it makes them uncomfortable and then you never hear from them again.

You're not desperate, though. You're open to a relationship, but you're also content being single. Congratulations; you're less likely to scare someone away!

You're More Objective

Because you're not feeling desperate to be in a relationship, you're able to evaluate your dating partners and experiences more objectively. Rather than inflating little personality quirks into huge character flaws, you're more able to accept people as they are. You're also less likely to obsess over less-than-stellar dates, lamenting about the life of happiness that could have been, if only they'd been as easy to talk to in person as they had been online.

On the other hand, you're also more able to recognize potentially unhealthy relationships. Once again, you're not feeling desperate, so you're less likely to enter into a relationship with someone that you're really not compatible with.

It's Easier to Laugh Off the Bad Experiences

When you don't feel like your everlasting happiness is in the hands of the person sitting across the table from you, it's much easier to shrug off the disappointment of a bad date. As we've said before, even bad dates offer the opportunity to improve your dating skills. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know some of the members in our dating communities. Enjoy the great dates, and learn to laugh off the bad experiences.

You're More Likely to Find True Love

This sounds like it's stating the obvious, doesn't it? Think about it though, how many times have you heard the phrase, "Love happens when you least expect it,"? In fact, you've probably had a well-meaning family member or two assure you that, as dire as your situation looks, the right man or woman could come waltzing into your life at any moment.

Obviously that can happen. But is it something to stake your future on? Probably not. If you have any interest in finding a relationship, now's the time to put yourself out there.

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