For some people, dating is a full-time job. Their technique is methodical, their first message is carefully and expertly worded and their social calendar is packed.

For other people, however, dating just seems like a big time commitment. Between your job and life's other commitments, you may feel like you can't handle adding another thing to the mix.

The truth is that being too busy to date is a common complaint among singles. If you feel like you fall into that category, then keep reading for some tips on why and how you should fit dating into your busy life.

Why Don't You Have Time?

"Since I work 80 hours a week, I just don't have time to date anyone."

"I'd love to meet someone, but I want to experience (fill in the blank) before I lose my independence."

"I want to be in a romantic relationship, but I'm taking care of an elderly parent."

There's no denying it; life is busy. We fill our days with things that we have to do, and if we're very fortunate, we find ourselves with a few hours each week to spend on the things that wewant to do. Those hours are precious to us, which is why we're careful how we spend them.

So why aren't you willing to spend them on improving your love life? Have you had a difficult time finding love, and now it feels hopeless and you don't want to waste time pursuing something that isn't going to happen? Are you still healing from a break up, and a full calendar has provided you a means of escape?

The truth is that we generally find a way to do what we really want to do. Taking a look at your schedule can show you whether you're truly too busy to date, or if there is a simple solution for the lack of romance in your life.

Why Is Now the Perfect Time to Date?

A busy schedule doesn't mean that you can't date. In fact, it may be the perfect time to date! By dating when you're busy, you're likely to be more selective in whom you go out with. You don't have time to date someone that you know is completely wrong for you; this fact alone can increase your chances of success. Dating when you're busy also helps you have a more balanced approach. You're not going to be staring at your phone, waiting anxiously for a phone call or a text. You're more likely to take a proactive approach or just move on altogether.

Decide On Your Priorities

Now, back to your schedule; sure, you're busy, but have you made dating a priority? Are you willing to spend a little less time in one area of your life to focus on this area? If you're the one working the 80-hour week, then it may be time to cut down on your hours. If you're a caregiver for a family member, then enlist the help of others. If you're serious about making dating a priority, then you must be willing to rearrange your schedule a little. You won't regret it!

Dating Your Own Way

Your schedule is full, but you still have to eat, right? If you can combine dating with something that you have to do anyway, then it becomes much easier to find the time. Alternately, if you have a hobby or activity that you enjoy, consider introducing it to a potential love interest. Classes, sporting games and even an evening at the fitness center all make great dates. As a bonus, even if the date itself doesn't lead to everlasting happiness, you still had a great time doing something that you like. The bottom line: change the way you think about dating. It doesn't have to be the classic dinner-and-a-movie combo; you can find romance in a way that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

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