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What to Wear on a First Date
You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression on a first date. Put a little more thought into what you're wearing before you venture out with our quick tips on what to wear on a first date.
10 Awesome Date Ideas for the Spring
While winter dates are fun, after months of being stuck indoors, dates that allow you to enjoy the outdoors are a welcome change. Here are 10 awesome date ideas for the spring.
5 Tips for a Successful Second Date
You had a great first date and you want to see him or her again. But if you thought first dates were nerve-racking, second dates can come with even more pressure. To help you prepare, here are 5 tips for a successful second date
5 Ways to Stay Positive After a Bad Date
Whether you're new to the dating game or you've been dating around for a while, the occasional bad date is inevitable. An unsuccessful date can be discouraging, and you may feel that a night at home is preferable over risking another awkward evening with a stranger.
Fireworks on Your First Date?
The first date is always the most nerve wracking. If something goes wrong on a first date, you may never get a second chance. You want his or her eyes to light up, electricity to be in the air, and sparks to jump between you. Figuratively speaking, you want fireworks on your first date.
Ten Free Dating Activities in the Great Outdoors
Some of the most memorable moments in life are shared in the great outdoors, watching the sun set, relying on one another for moral support, encouraging each other to reach that walking or cycling finish line, finding shelter, keeping each other warm or simply enjoying the tranquillity and unspoilt beauty of Mother Nature’s creations.