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How to Know That He is Your Mr. Right
There is someone special in almost everyone’s life. Usually, true love goes beyond looks. We spend our life searching for the perfect man on an online dating website or on social media but sometimes when he is in front of us, we unknowingly ignore him. Here are few signs that let you know that he is the perfect one and whether to keep the spark alive or not.
Finding Love In the New Year
Another year is coming to a close, and many people are reflecting on the goals that they did—or didn't—accomplish. If you're like many single people, you've had a meddling relative or two reminding you that once again, you've shown up to the party without a significant other. If finding love is on your list of New Years' resolutions, try a few of these tips.
The Know-How of Online Dating
The Internet is a great way to meet new people and find the right kind of person for yourself who shares great compatibility. If you have finally decided to find your match via an online dating website, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to follow.
5 Reasons Your Lover Should Be Your Best Friend
Face it: every relationship reaches the point where the giddiness and mystery of new love wears away. At some point, your heart will no longer skip a beat when your significant other's customized
3 Mature Dating Dilemmas and How to Deal With Them
If you've recently re-entered the dating scene as a mature dater, you've probably encountered a predicament or two that has left you feeling discouraged. Keep reading to learn about three of the most common dilemmas and what you can do to overcome them.
4 Reasons to Date a Single Parent
If you've managed to win the heart of a single parent, you've hit the relationship jackpot. Not only do you have a great excuse to appease your inner child with trips to zoos and theme parks, but you're with someone who has a unique capacity to provide selfless love and unwavering commitment.
5 Reasons She's Not Responding To Your Messages
Sending a message through an online dating site may be less intimidating than walking up to someone and asking for a date, but that doesn't necessarily take the sting out of a rejection. There are a variety of reasons that your messages may not get a response; some of which you can fix, and others which have nothing to do with your clever prose or dashingly good looks.
4 Tips To Success When Dating a Divorced Guy
Dating a divorced guy comes with quite a few unexpected perks. He's typically more mature than never-been-marrieds, he's far less likely to play head games with you and he has a deeper appreciation of what it takes to make a relationship work. However, a romantic relationship with someone who has gone through a divorce has a few unique dynamics. Keep reading to discover 4 tips for success when dating a divorced guy.