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5 Reasons Your Lover Should Be Your Best Friend
Face it: every relationship reaches the point where the giddiness and mystery of new love wears away. At some point, your heart will no longer skip a beat when your significant other's customized
Essential Dating Tips For Shy Guys
For shy people online dating can often be considered the Holy Grail. It can allow the opportunity to get to know someone on a deep and personal level without the pressure of real life interaction and the complications that come with it. However, online dating comes with its own pitfalls. Crafting the perfect introductory message or finding that witty reply to knock her socks of is often a monumental task.
The Do's and Dont's of Single Parent Dating
While every dating relationship has its own challenges and benefits, dating a single parent or as a single parent is perhaps the most difficult relationship to navigate. By following a few simple guidelines, you can help ensure your success.
5 Things Every Woman Wants in Her Ideal Man
Each woman has her own list of things that she looks for in her ideal man. Some want men with a great sense of humour, a full head of hair or an affinity for the great outdoors. While it's impractical to change everything about yourself just so that you will appeal to someone else - after all, how can you enjoy a healthy relationship with someone who doesn't know or like the real "you" - there are certain qualities that any man can cultivate in order to enjoy greater dating success.
5 Signs That He’s in Love With You
New relationships are filled with fun and excitement, with an occasional guessing game or two thrown in for good measure. The biggest guessing game: does he love me, does he not? Answering this question requires looking past the butterflies and jitters that accompany a young relationship. To find out if your relationship has a solid foundation for a future together, look for these five signs that he's in love with you.
5 Signs You’re Ready for a Committed Relationship
Lots of people enjoy the thrill of casual dating and the electricity of a fun evening out with a member of the opposite sex. But how do you know when you’re really ready to settle into a committed relationship?