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If you have ever read personal ads in the newspaper or used online dating sites before, you have certainly seen plenty of people who are "looking for Christian single" or who "wants someone who has a shared love for God." These restrictions are common for many people who use online dating sites. And while that is good for them, it can make dating difficult for people who are atheists.

At Love2Date Atheists we don't believe that faith, or a lack of faith, should interfere with finding that special someone you want to spend your life with. Our website is a place where nontheists can find like-minded individuals who simply don't feel a need for religion in their lives. While our members may not be seeking enlightenment from a higher being or a path towards an afterlife, they do share something that they are all seeking. Love2Date Atheists members are all seeking to find people who will join them in new relationships, whether those relationships are romantic or purely platonic.

A Search Free of Religion

Love2Date Atheists is just a little different from your average dating website. You won't need to put your religion in your profile information and you can't narrow your search based on the religious beliefs of your potential match. At Love2Date Atheists, everyone is non-religious. This allows you to focus on narrowing your search based on things like shared interests, geographic locality, and body shape. Removing religion from the search parameters simply makes searching easier and more efficient, increasing the chance that you will find a match that is truly compatible in every way.

Experience has shown that, when seeking a romantic match, finding a person feels the same way about religion that you do, greatly increases your likelihood of forming a long lasting relationship. Long term relationships, especially those that lead to marriage can be irreparably damaged by disputes over religion, especially if children are involved. Dating another atheist is an excellent way to increase the likelihood that your relationship will last a lifetime.

Privacy Protected

The atheist population, while growing, is still the subject to much prejudice. Atheists are often subject to harassment or bigotry. At Love2Date Atheists we protect your privacy by giving you complete control over the visibility of your profile. This allows you to safely engage in online dating with other atheists without being subject to any online abuse.

Find Your Atheist Partner Today

Love is just a few strokes of the keyboard away when you sign up for your free membership at Love2Date Atheists today. With your free membership, you will have unlimited access to browse and search all of our member profiles and you will even be able to save interesting profiles to look at later. If you like what you see, it is only a small fee to start sending messages and arranging meetings that will hopefully lead to a lifetime of love.

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