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Can't stand smoke filled pubs or the smell of tar wafting off the clothes of your friends? You aren't the only one. There are millions of people who detest smoking and smoking culture. And this isn't a trivial dislike. Whether or not a person smokes is often one of the most important decisions on whether or not they are a compatible match for friendship or dating. Some variation of "Do you smoke?" is one of the most common questions asked on a first date. Avoid having to waste your time asking the question or going on a meaningless date by finding your next first date on Love2Date Smoke Free.

The members of Love2Date Smoke Free are people just like you. They dislike smoking so much that they simply are unwilling to date, or possibly even be friends with, people who smoke. That means that members of Love2Date Smoke Free are often healthier, more selective about the types of establishments they patronize, and simply tend to smell better than people who smoke.

Finding Friends and Love

You will notice the difference between Love2Date Smoke Free and traditional online dating sites when you first fill out your profile. There is something exquisitely satisfying about not even being asked whether or not you smoke. Everyone on Love2Date Smoke Free is a non-smoker, so the question is simply moot.

Rather than having to carefully scour profiles for a hint that your potential partner is a smoker, you can pay attention to other details like common interests, location, profession, religious beliefs, and relationship goals. Depending how much free time you have, you can take the time to browse every profile carefully, narrow your choices using our advanced search tools, or simply take advantage of our recommended matches to really save time. The Love2Date Smoke Free interface is designed to make finding a new friend or romantic interest as hassle free as possible.

Love2Date Smoke Free is also ideal for creating a new circle of friends if you have recently moved to a new city or friends have recently moved away. Since everyone on Love2Date Smoke Free is a non-smoker, you know that people you meet will have smoke free homes and they know your home will be the same. It takes some of the concern out of setting up friendly get togethers.

Also Scam Free

At Love2Date Smoke Free, we don't just guarantee that members are non-smokers, we also guarantee that they are real people who aren't looking to scam you out of your hard earned money. Our website engages the services of two different scam protection services that work 24 hours a day to confirm that all members of our site are legitimate.

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Whether you are looking for love or friendship, today is the day to join Love2Date Smoke Free. Signing up is completely free and you can start your search for that perfect smoke free friend or lover in just a matter of minutes.

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