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When trying to pick up a man or woman, there is simply no move more slick than pulling out a lighter when they pull out a fag. It instantly shows that you are a fellow smoker, that you are prepared, and that you are interested. But this particular trick is harder to pull off as it becomes illegal to smoke in more and more locations. While you may never manage to pull it off in real life again, unless you are in your own home, you can virtually pull off that trick using an online dating website.

At Love2Date Smokers, we welcome smokers. In fact, we only welcome smokers to our membership. Whether you prefer a good fag, a thick cigar, or a nice pipe, you belong on Love2Date Smokers. This is the perfect dating website to discuss whether Ecuadoran or Chilean cigars have a better draw or to show off pictures of your new gold-plated Zippo lighter. Potential matches won't turn away in disgust at your smoking habit. Just the opposite, they will be right there next to you enjoying a good drag in the night air halfway through the date.

Dates Just Got a Lot Easier

When dating a non-smoker, it can be almost impossible to find a time and place to get your fix. Non-smokers almost always want to go to smoke free restaurants or attractions and may even object to you smoking in the car or at their house. A fellow smoker understands your needs because they have the same needs. You will find yourself going on dates at pubs or other locations that allow smoking and will almost certainly never have difficulty smoking in your date's home or car. That compatibility makes choosing date locations much easier and removes a lot of stress from the dating process.

About the only possible problem is if you and your romantic partner have different smoking habits. A cigar smoker may not be particularly compatible with someone who smokes e-cigarettes. Thankfully, on Love2Date Smokers you can search through profiles to find people who smoke the same types of products and even use the messaging system to discover whether you and a potential partner enjoy the same brands or flavors. The latter probably isn't critical to compatibility, but it is a great question for breaking the ice and starting a conversation with a new love interest.

Privacy Protected

For some people, it is important that they keep their smoking habit mostly secret. If you are one of those people, you will be happy to discover that you have full control over the privacy of your profile. This lets you discretely look for a romantic partner that smokes without revealing your habit to friends, family, or co-workers, if such a revelation would be harmful to you.

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If you are looking for the love of a fellow smoker, there is absolute no reason not to sign up at Love2Date Smokers today. Sign up is free and gives you unlimited ability to search and browse profiles. You only pay money if you are ready to take the next step.

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