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Welcome to Love 2 Date Sporty

Do you spend your weekends playing football on the green? Or maybe you like to sit around the pub with mates drinking ale, watching a cricket game, and arguing over who is the best bowler. If any of these descriptions match your life, you belong on Love2Date Sports.

Love2Date Sports is the premier online dating website in the UK dedicated to sports lovers, whether they are players, watchers, or both. It is the kind of place where everyone loves sports and where you can engage in lively conversations about your favourite teams, players, and matches of the past. If you find someone else who plays the same sports, you can end up in discussions about technique and skills, and if everything works out, maybe even end up on a date where you actually practice those skills together. That is what makes Love2Date Sports so great. Everyone on the site has a shared interest, so it is always easy to start a conversation or makes plans to meet.

Looking for Mates Can Lead to Love

It isn't uncommon for new members to join Love2Date Sports without any intention of making a romantic connection. Because all of our members are sports fans, the Love2Date Sports website is an excellent place to find new friends who love to drink good ale and discuss recent player moves on Manchester United. The Love2Date Sports advanced search allows you to easily search members by location and age. From there, all it takes is a short conversation to discover if the member is interested in the same teams and sports as you.

But, once you start using the Love2Date Sports website to converse with other members, you are likely to continue to use it to start discussions. And if one of those discussions happens to be with the right person, you may find that your search for new friends and team mates suddenly developed in to the discovery a new lover. Whether Love2Date Sports leads to love, new friendships, or some other new relationship, once you start engaging with fellow members that share your interests, you will be hooked on this easy to use dating website.

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If you are looking for new mates to play or watch sports with in the United Kingdom, now is the time to sign up for Love2Date Sports. Signing up is completely free and your free membership gives you unlimited ability to search and browse the profiles of other members. Thousands of people log on every day looking for love, friendship, and new people who just love playing sports. Among those thousands, you are certain to find a man or woman who shares your love for football, cricket, horseback racing, or some other professional or amateur sport. All it takes is a few minutes for you to join Love2Date Sports, fill out your profile, and get started browsing our wide database of sports enthusiasts.