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Welcome to Love2Date Teachers

Teaching isn't just a job. It is a passion. As a teacher, you put your heart and soul into educating and nurturing your students. Few people truly understand the passion involved in teaching, except for other teachers. That is why, when you are looking for companionship, whether romantic or simply friendly, you want that companionship to be with someone who shares that passion for teaching.

Love2Date Teachers is the ideal online dating site for finding new people to share your life with. At Love2Date Teachers, we use Online Dating Protector to vet our members. If someone claims to be a 1st year, 3rd year, or 7th year teacher and you have reason to believe they aren't telling the truth, you can report their profile and an investigator will get back to you within the hour.

Finding Companionship on Love2Date Teachers

A shared passion for educating and nurturing is only one of the advantages of dating a fellow teacher. Fellow teachers also understand the unique difficulties and time commitments that teachers face. Potential matches on Love2Date Teachers will understand when your evenings and weekends are full due to grading papers or arranging lesson plans. They are also more likely to available time for dating on similar days and at similar times of the year as you do. When you have limited time for romance, every advantage helps.

And at Love2Date Teachers, we are always looking to offer you advantages in adding to your social calendar. Recommended matches based on your location, age, interests, and other profile features will save you time when looking for a potential friend or date. The non-intrusive messaging system is easy to use and not very time consuming. This lets you get to know more about your potential date, whether he is a foreign language teacher at Dauntsey's School or whether she is a mathematics professor at Oxford, while grading homework or preparing a worksheet.

The privacy and search features of Love2Date Teachers offers an additional advantage. Decorum is critical for any teacher. The search feature helps assure that you never accidentally make inappropriate relationships with relatives of your students. And the privacy controls allow you to remain anonymous during your search for romance.

The Advantages of Membership

The Love2Date database has over 5 million members and Love2Date Teachers has members in the United Kingdom. Once you sign up for a free membership and fill out your profile information you can freely search through profiles of every single member in the database. All of the advanced search functions are available to all members, even before any payments are made, which means you can find a compatible teacher or professor for free.

Once you are confident you have found your match, it won't be long before you are sharing teaching tips or maybe just sipping tea in a quaint cafe by the River Thames. Full membership is inexpensive, especially if it helps you find your life long partner.

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