5 Signs That He's in Love With You

New relationships are filled with fun and excitement, with an occasional guessing game or two thrown in for good measure. The biggest guessing game: does he love me, does he not?

Answering this question requires looking past the butterflies and jitters that accompany a young relationship. To find out if your relationship has a solid foundation for a future together, look for these five signs that he's in love with you.

He Treats You with Respect

One of the biggest signs that he is in love with you is that he treats you with respect. As the cornerstone of a lasting relationship, mutual respect is not an element to be overlooked.

Does he respect your schedule by not cancelling plans at the last minute? Does he value your opinions and insights? Does he recognize your accomplishments? Does he trust that you are capable of managing your own life, or does he feel like he needs to remind you to get to work on time or curb your spending habits?

If you've found someone who cares about the details of your life, respects your accomplishments and trusts your judgment, you've found a keeper.

He Fights Fairly

No matter how long you and your man have been together, an occasional squabble is inevitable. Disagreements big and small are bound to happen, but the key to relationship success is how these differences are handled.

A sure sign that he is in love with you is that he fights fairly. Does he resort to name-calling, passively aggressive remarks or other forms of verbal abuse? Does he care enough about the relationship to work through a disagreement, or does he disengage entirely? Is it his goal to "win" the argument, or does he truly want a resolution that works for both of you? Does he apologize when he's wrong?

Arguments have a place in every healthy relationship, but the key to fighting fairly is the ability to express your differences of opinions with kindness. If your man does that, chances are that he's in love with you.

He Prioritises His Time with You

While he won't always be able to drop whatever he's doing to be with you, he will prioritise your time together. He'll put effort into organising dates, and he won't regularly cancel plans at the last minute. When you're together, you'll have his full attention; he won't spend equal time checking text messages and email on his phone.

Real life happens. Sometimes an email requires a quick response, and sometimes an emergency requires that a date be rescheduled. But if his pattern of behaviour shows that your time together is a priority, he might be in love with you.

He No Longer Thinks of Himself as a Single Man

Listen to him talk: has "we" replaced "I?" If so, this indicates that he sees the two of you as a single unit. He no longer thinks of things in term of how they affect him, but he also considers how they affect you and his relationship with you. A man in love no longer thinks of himself as single, but considers you to be an important part of his life.

He Talks About a Future with You

When he talks about attending his cousin's wedding next summer, does he assume that you'll go with him? Does he joke about future children with you? If you're in the future that he's imagined for himself, you can be sure that he's in love with you.

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