So you've been dating your partner for several weeks now, and things are going great. So great, in fact, that you can't imagine a future without them. Once you've finally met someone that you really like, it's tempting to go all in. However, moving too quickly in a young relationship can take things from great to awkward pretty quickly. No matter how eager you feel to abandon your "singleness," there are some things that just can't be hurried.

Before you start buying his-and-hers pillowcases, check out our list of 5 things that you shouldn't rush in a new relationship.

Saying I Love You

Clearly, when it comes to love there is no defined timeline. Whether you've decided that you love someone after spending a single day with them or it takes you years to realize that you love them, the emotional is equally valid and true.

So why wait to tell your partner that you love them? First of all, saying the words to someone who hasn't yet arrived to that same emotional place as you can put unnecessary strain and pressure on the relationship. If there's anything that a young relationship can do without, it's strain and pressure.

But say that your partner is clearly as enamored of you as you are of them. It's still a good idea to wait to say the words. Why? Because it can become an excuse to get lazy, that's why. Early in the relationship, as you and your partner dance around saying "I love you," you spend time thoughtfully describing to your partner what you love about them. Take the time to lay that foundation; then the words "I love you" will be more meaningful when you do say them.


What's more romantic than traveling with your partner? Ask anyone who has traveled with a partner, and chances are that they'll tell you that there are plenty of things more romantic. No matter how much you love to travel or how much travel experience you have, it can be stressful. After all, things don't always go to plan. While there are some that argue that you should travel with your partner early in the relationship (after all, it does teach you a lot about who they are and how they handle money, compromise and upset plans), it can also put a lot of stress on a relationship that is still in its fragile early days.

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Introducing Them to Close Friends and Family

You love your partner, and you love your friends and family, so it makes sense that you want everyone to know each other, love each other and live in harmonious bliss. But before you call your parents and best friends to tell them that you've met "the one," make sure that your partner really is "the one." It's hard for those close to you to get too excited about meeting your new lifelong partner when you've also introduced them to several other "lifelong partners" within the last couple of years.

Moving in Together

When you're in love, everything is exciting and romantic. A weekend afternoon filled with taking care of mundane chores is better when you're with your partner. Lazy mornings, light-hearted bickering over what to eat for dinner and even the little bit of clutter that they generate is endearing, so why not make it a permanent thing?

Before filling out the change of address forms, consider this: it's possible that those little things are endearing and welcome because you know that before long, everyone will go back to their own home. When you live with someone, you gain a lot. However, you also lose a lot, too. Your ability to binge watch your favourite show without having to worry about someone else's preferences, the fact that you're only cleaning up after yourself and your general day-to-day freedom are all things that you'll probably miss more than you'd expect. For most long term, committed couples, moving in together is a step that they will eventually take, and it can be a great opportunity for growth in the relationship. Just don't feel pressured to take that step too early.

Start Planning a Future

It's fun to daydream about a future with your partner - what kind of home you'll live in, whether you will have children, how you'll spend your times together - but for now, keep those dreams to yourself. Not only does planning a future with put unnecessary expectations on the relationship, but it you may find that you begin to orient your future goals around someone else's life plan. Compromise is important, but take the time to make sure that you get to know your partnerbefore seeing if your future plans are compatible.

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