A lack of inexpensive dating options can be frustrating if you are on a tight budget. But just because you are on a tight budget doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to engage in an enjoyable dating life. The following tips will help you stretch your budget to better enhance your dating life.

A Movie and a Meal

One of the reasons dinner and a movie is a popular date, especially for teenagers and young adults, is it's a comparatively cheap date, depending on where you go for dinner. Though, as both restaurant and movie prices have increased over the years, this type of date is much less cheap than it used to be. But there is an alternative. "Netflix and chill" has nearly replaced "dinner and a movie" as a standard, no pressure date. Even a decade ago, if you invited a date to your house to watch movies, it was generally assumed the evening would end rather intimately. That assumption has changed in recent years. It involves the same basic activity (watching a movie) and dinner is usually provided by the host in the form of a home cooked meal or take out, the former of which is generally inexpensive. Even if you don't have a Netflix account, watching movies you own on DVD or rented for the occasion work just as well. Similarly, you can replace movie watching completely with playing a board game, card game, or video games, if those are activities you both enjoy.

Roller Rinks and Amusement Parks

If you've ever been to an amusement park you know that the business model is usually that you pay an upfront cost for unlimited access to all the rides for an entire day. Even with the high cost of some amusement parks, you generally get more than your money's worth if you stay all day. The way amusement parks make money is by gouging you on in-park purchases, like food and souvenirs.

Roller rinks, ice rinks, and bowling alleys, to a lesser degree, follow the same business model. The up-front cost is cheap for basically unlimited access. These businesses try to make money on rental costs and food sales. If you and your date own skates and eat before going to the rink, you should be able to enjoy hours of skating for just a few pounds a piece. Most bowling alleys offer an all-you-can-play night once a week where you can similarly take advantage.

Explore the Great Outdoors

With the exception of the petrol you spend to drive there, outdoor entertainment is usually completely free. Sun bathing, swimming in the ocean, hiking, and even tree climbing all are completely cost free. Even if you want to engage in activities that require equipment, like fishing or kayaking, you can usually find a place that will rent basic equipment at a reasonable price. Similar to roller rinks, these rental places usually try to pick your pocket on all the extra accessories or add-ons, but if you keep it simple, you should be able to have fun together without breaking the bank.

Cook a Meal Together

Most household chores aren't a lot of fun, whether you do them alone or with someone else, but cooking is the exception to that rule. Cooking with your partner is usually remarkably pleasurable for a number of reasons. First, cooking with partner usually requires a lot of physical contact, which when combined with flirting, is very sensual. Second, as long as you don't get too caught up in the exact recipe, cooking involves experimenting and exploring as a couple. Finally, once the meal is completed, you get to eat it together, simultaneously enjoying the bounty of your shared effort. This is an activity that can easily be combined with just about any other inexpensive date or can be a date all on its own.

Join a Travel Club

When it comes to big dates, like an overnight trip or a weekend excursion, you need to be particularly careful with your budget. One helpful solution to budgeting is to join a travel club and keep a close eye out for great deals. Many travel clubs are free to join or are packaged with roadside assistance clubs, decreasing the cost. As a member of a travel club, you should be able to get at least 10% off on basically every expense for a trip. Furthermore, if you are willing to adapt your big dates to club deals, you should be able to get up to 50% off on just about every aspect of your trip. This works best if you and your partner have jobs where you can take off without much warning.