The first date is always the most nerve wracking. If something goes wrong on a first date, you may never get a second chance. You want his or her eyes to light up, electricity to be in the air, and sparks to jump between you. Figuratively speaking, you want fireworks on your first date.

A romantic connection is all about the little things. It is a tingling in the skin, a sudden desire to smile, and that experience of time passing without noticing it. A great connection feels like fireworks because it happens suddenly, yet repeatedly, and the world seems a little brighter when it does.

This isn't just a catchy comparison. The right activity can actually help create that first date spark. Exciting activities that get your adrenaline pumping or make you feel a quick jolt of joy are, effectively, contagious. During that first activity together, those feelings will make you and your date more open and receptive to each other, increasing the chance of a connection. And, after the date is over, you will both associate those positive feelings with the other person on the date. This won't create a connection where one doesn't exist, but it will help ease you to finding that great connection and lessen the chance that you will miss out on a connection due to other factors.

Cliche as it may seem, an excellent way to make those fireworks explode is to literally enjoy a first date with fireworks. Those dancing explosions of multi-coloured lights infuse people with an irresistible surge of excitement. That sparkling glow brings a smile to any face and pure joy to any soul. With brilliant rainbows framing the sky, you can practically assure that a first date will be filled with as many sparks between you and that special someone as there are in the sky.

If you are looking for those fireworks on a first date, the good news is that Bonfire Night is coming soon. You can sit in the crisp November air, warming yourselves by a hug bonfire, while watching the night sky fill with a panoply of vibrant colours. Don't just watch the sky, but also watch your date for signs of attraction. If your date leans towards you, produces easy smiles and natural laughs at your quips, listens intently when you speak and fills the gaps when you listen, these are signs of strong connection. The physical feeling of tingling or sparks is almost certain to accompany such signs.

All you need is an actual date.

Love2Date Singles can help you with that by letting you search through hundreds of people also looking for that connection. Narrow your search by location, age, and most importantly interests if you are trying to find that special connection. Fireworks by the Thames on New Year's Eve will only help you find your connection if you both live near London and have a few topics of mutual interest to discuss while the light show fills the air.

Whether you are on your first date or your one hundred and first date, you want fireworks to explode throughout your relationship. Light hearted, exciting activities, like enjoying a firework display, are a great way both to help ignite a first spark and to keep the flames burning throughout the relationship. Even the best connections require attention to maintain. Finding that special connection with someone who shares your interests, yearns for your touch, and responds brightly and automatically to your presence isn't enough. You need to keep the connection alive by occasionally reminding that special someone what sparked in the first place. That is why fireworks, both literally and figuratively, should be a part of any first date.