Dating a fitness freak, especially if you wouldn't consider yourself to be a fitness freak, can bring a few surprises. Keep reading for a few tips on what to expect in your new relationship.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

If you're someone who enjoys leisurely weekend mornings, you may have to adjust your routine. Because it directly impacts their performance, fitness freaks generally keep a stricter, more consistent sleep schedule. When dating someone who spends a lot of time caring for their health, your ability to compromise on a daily schedule that suits both you and your partner is essential to the success of your relationship.

Get Ready for a Diet Change

Ever wonder why fitness enthusiasts are, for the most part, the only ones raving about green smoothies, protein shakes and muesli? Does working out regularly somehow cause every taste bud in your mouth to wither away?

The truth is that most fitness freaks appreciate rich, high-calorie foods as much as anyone else. However, unlike most other people, they see how the foods they eat make a huge difference in their training. Just like a healthy sleep schedule, a clean diet has a huge impact on how well they perform at the gym. Get used to the fact that shared meals will consist of lighter, more nutrient-dense fare. And who knows, maybe you'll decide those green smoothies aren't too bad!

Your Dates Just Got an Upgrade

For a true fitness enthusiast, a healthy lifestyle doesn't begin when they set foot into a fitness center and end when they go back home. A fitness-minded person incorporates activity into every part of their lives. From little things, like walking instead of driving and taking the stairs instead of an elevator, to bigger things, like participating in marathons and spending the weekend on the seat of a bicycle, regular activity is the standard.

What does this mean for you? In all likelihood, your dates will consist of more than the typical dinner and a movie. Hiking through your local park, biking along the waterfront and enjoyingearly morning jogs will probably be your partner's preference. Learn to adapt, and be grateful that boring dates will never be a problem.

Fitness Knows No Holiday

Admit it; no matter how health-conscious you typically are, when you're on holiday, you loosen up. You sleep a little later, eat richer food and visiting the gym is the furthest thing from your mind.

Your fitness freak, however, will love the fact that there is a new fitness centre to use and new terrain to explore. For them, a holiday is not a break from their healthy lifestyle, but it provides an opportunity to enjoy something new. If you and your partner take a holiday together, you shouldn't expect much change in their routine.

They Require Space

Not metaphorically, although depending on their personality, that's possible too. With all of their exercise gear, they literally require space. If you and your beloved fitness freak decide to move in together, you may have to get used to the fact that you'll be tripping over dumbbells and seeing a bicycle in your bedroom.

You Might Become Their Project

Particularly if your interest in fitness isn't as intense as theirs, they may challenge you to improve yourself. Don't take this as an insult; your partner isn't suggesting that you aren't good enough. When they're lobbying for you to change your eating habits or push yourself harder at the fitness centre, they're actually just expressing how much they care about you. They've seen how a healthy diet and a strict fitness regimen has improved their own life, and they want the same for you. Either be willing to adapt, or decide what boundaries need to be set.

While dating a fitness freak may bring a few surprises, there are a lot of benefits. Unconventional dates, new hobbies and new experiences are great for cultivating a strong relationship. Maybe you'll even pick up a few of their health-conscious habits!

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