Ever been on a date and get a weird feeling like your date isn't really there? Oh, sure, he is sitting across the table from you eating his ravioli, but he might as well be in Budapest for all that he is adding to the date. Maybe he is just having an off day or maybe he is distracted by a major deadline at work, but it is also possible that he just isn't that into you. If you are concerned about the latter, here are some common signs.

He Becomes Less Intimate

It is a common myth that guys only care about sex. While that may be good for a joke on a weekly sitcom, it doesn't represent reality. However, it is closer to the truth to say that guys enjoy a certain level of sexual intimacy.

In fact, most men, when in a relationship, will be pretty predictable about how much intimacy they initiate and participate in. If you are generally having sex on every weekend, the man in your life probably thinks of that as the "normal state" of your relationship and isn't likely to change it unless you initiate a change or his dedication to the relationship changes. If the amount of intimacy that he is initiating decreases, that is generally a clear sign that he has lost interest in the relationship.

He Forgets the Little Stuff

Another common myth is that guys always forget things like anniversaries. While he might disagree with you on when the official anniversary is, don't believe for a moment that he actually forgets big moments like your anniversary, birthday, or Valentine's Day. In fact, most men pay really close attention to the big stuff and go out of their way to do it right. If your guy has lost interest in you, you won't find out because he forgets your birthday.

Instead, pay close attention to what he buys you for your birthday. Did he remember that off-the-cuff comment you made about a pretty dress while walking past a clothing store on the way to the movies? If so, he is definitely still into you. However, if he bought you a CD for your favorite band, that suggests that he is really only paying attention to the obvious details. When men are pulling away from you, they generally forget all the little details about what you like, believing they can keep the charade up with obvious stuff.

He Doesn't Want to Go Out Anywhere

Have you noticed that every single date recently is Netflix and chill at his place, possibly more often than not involving actually watching Netflix and chilling, as opposed to having sex (see above)? Or even if you aren't spending all of your dates at his flat, he is entirely unwilling to drive to your home to pick you up or never wants to go anywhere that he can't reach by trolley.

This is probably more than just fatigue or laziness, especially if he was more adventuresome when you first started dating. Odds are he has reached the point that the relationship doesn't really interest him that much anymore, but he is willing to enjoy the benefits as long as it doesn't take any real effort on his part. This one is usually easy to test. Ask him to join you at some event that is very important to you, but requires some effort on his part to get to. If he refuses, that is pretty much him breaking up with you, even if he doesn't have the guts to say it out loud.

You Aren't Interacting With His Friends Anymore

Usually his close friends know the relationship is over before you do, either because he told them directly or because they notice that he has stopped talking about or hanging out with you. Most men see being in a relationship as something to be proud of and are likely to show off the fact regularly. It isn't that your boyfriend is bragging, per se, just that he is proud of his accomplishment and not shy about it.

However, at the point that he pretty much considers the relationship over (even if it isn't officially over), he is very likely to stop sharing you socially. This means that he doesn't mention you to his friends, you don't spend time with him and his friends at social gatherings, and that he probably has stopped liking your posts on social media (or really interacting with you much at all on social media). It is odd. He still calls and texts and French kisses you, but just not in a social way.