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How to Think Yourself Hotter
Online dating has a ton of benefits. The potential downside? It feels like your hotness factor matters a lot. Keep reading to learn how to think yourself hotter.
The Dos and Don'ts of Drinking on a First Date
Most of us like a drink or two, but it can become problematic on a first date. The following rules will help ensure that alcohol isn't the culprit if you fail to get a second date.
What Girls Want Guys to Know About Dating
Shocking though it may be, men and women aren't always on the same page when it comes to dating. Find out what girls want you, guys, to know about dating them.
What Guys Want Girls to Know About Dating
If you are a woman trying to understand men, especially when it comes to dating, here are a few tips, straight from the horse's mouth, about how guys approach dating.
Is It Too Soon to Take a Holiday With Your Date?
Are you considering taking a trip with your new partner? Don't book your hotel until you first read our tips.
5 Great Date Ideas for the Summer
Summer is coming and that means hot days and warm nights. Here are 5 great date ideas for summer. Just remember to bring along an umbrella in case British weather doesn't cooperate with your date.
Should You Date Your Friend's Ex?
You and your friends share everything; your taste in music, your favourite restaurants, your political views…and significant others? Keep reading to find out if you should date your friend's ex.
4 Reasons To Date A Nerd
If you have dated lots of people, but never a nerd, it is about time that you try dating a nerd. Here are the top 4 reasons to date a nerd.