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4 Reasons To Date A Nerd
If you have dated lots of people, but never a nerd, it is about time that you try dating a nerd. Here are the top 4 reasons to date a nerd.
Can You Date A Vegetarian If You Love Meat?
Are you a meat lover who has recently fallen in love with a vegetarian? If you're wondering if there is hope for you and your meat-shunning love, keep reading.
How Important Is Physical Attraction?
If you are physically attracted to your partner, congratulations, you won the lottery. But just how important is physical attraction?
Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?
No matter whether you're the one giving or receiving the break up conversation, there is little fun to be had. Certainly the offer of enduring friendship will lessen the sting of rejection, right? Keep reading to find out if you should stay friends with your ex.
How to Make Your Profile Stand Out
Step one to succeeding at finding dates on a dating site is having a profile that stands out. Here are a few tips that will help your profile stand out in a positive way.
Dating Someone With Pets When You're Not An Animal Lover
So you've found the person of your dreams. They share your hobbies and your values, and they even like the same television shows that you do. However, after a few dates, you find out that they're an animal lover. Keep reading to learn how to date someone with pets when you're not an animal lover.
What To Do When You're Dating Two And Can't Choose
For many people the word "dating" does not necessarily imply exclusivity. The following advice will help you when you are dating two or more individuals and can't choose which one to become exclusive with.
Why Your Username is More Important Than You Think
When it comes to dating, nothing matters more than a first impression. There is no perfect formula for choosing a great username, but the following tips will increase the likelihood that your username entices potential partners into further interactions.