Bounce Back from Dating Horrors this Halloween

Everyone has them, and if you don’t, maybe you’re the story of the epically bad date! Actually, if you’re reading this now, chances are that you’re self-aware enough that you could never make the blunders we’re about to reveal. Halloween is a scary time, and there are some dating horrors that are just as scary. Hopefully, you've never had this happen to you, but if you have then let's stroll down memory lane a bit.

Youthful Appearance-Not!

Melanie went on line looking for the man of her dreams. She came across a picture of Abe and thought she was in love. He was tall, handsome, and his profile said he owned his own business. She just knew he couldn't be single. After, several messages and then phone calls, she decided it was time to meet. She told Abe what she would be wearing and he did the same. When she got to the coffee shop, there was a man dressed in Abe's clothes, but looked like he was 25 years older than Abe. When the man saw her, he gave her the biggest smile. That's when she noticed many of his teeth were missing. She said "hi" and "bye" in the same breath. Abe yelled as she turned her back and said "I thought you had lied as well and we could both have a good laugh." Not only had Abe used fake photos in his profile, but he also lied about his age. Can you imagine "Grandpa" or "Grandma" showing for your date acting as if you wouldn't notice how much different they looked from their pictures. Outside of a zombie showing up--that is true horror!!

Cheap Date

A young mother went on her first date in ages, she was nervous and was just hoping that she made it through the night without making a fool of herself. Her date picked her up at a friend’s house and drove her to the movie theatre, where a series of financial fiascos ensued. First, when he discovered how much the tickets were, he asked if she could pay for herself since he only had £15 with him and wanted to buy himself a popcorn. Thinking that it would be more embarrassing to just leave, the woman paid for herself and actually enjoyed the movie with him. She enjoyed it so much, that when he asked if she’d like to go to dinner following the movie, she agreed, assuming he had more money in his car.

He ordered appetizers, a steak, and a bottle of nice red wine. When the waiter put the check in front of him, he slid it over to her side of the table. She paid for it without question, wanting to get out of the nightmare as soon as possible. On their drive to drop her back off at her friend’s house, the man’s gas light came on. He asked if she minded if he stopped to fill it up, she said it was up to him but she would not be paying! He just muttered something under his breath and continued to her friends house.

Once they arrived at the friend’s house, the man asked her if she’d like to go out again the following weekend. She told him in no uncertain terms that she couldn't afford to date him and asked him how a business guru couldn't even afford his own gas. He replied that he used to be a businessman, but was currently unemployed, he thought since she was a high-end magazine exec that money wouldn't be a problem for her. She immediately went inside and updated her profile.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Jessica, a 25 year grad student with a two year-old. She had been a member on a free dating website for months and she had yet to find any fun or suitable guys to date. She was interested in guys who were geek-chic, so she took matters into her own hands and added interests such as watching anime, reading comic books, and video games to her profile. Within days she had received a message from John, a guy with thick black glasses and a cartoon on his shirt, exactly what she had in mind. She agreed to meet the man at a restaurant of his choosing.

Upon arrival, John was dressed like a comic book character (Spidey would not have been happy to see this), and he had already ordered two alcoholic drinks. He presented her with an autobiographical comic book, which she was instructed not to read until after the date. He ended up being an insufferable alcoholic who not only liked comics, but believed he was a super hero himself. When Jessica got home, she opened the comic book and discovered a page-by-page graphic portrayal of the man’s life, John was definitely not someone she wanted around her or her child.

Although these stories may sound like something out of a dating horror movie, the moral of the story is that when dating online you should just be yourself. The more honest you are in your profile and pictures, the better the chance of you meeting someone you can truly connect with.

The Best Things In Life Aren't Always Free

We have all heard someone talk about the best things in life being free, when it comes to online dating this is rarely the case. Paid dating sites can give you more protection against the ghouls and goblins that could potentially show up for your date you found on a free dating site. When you want things done right and success in your love life; spend a little money on yourself. You're worth it!

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